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Deira Dubai

Deira Dubai is the region, which is located at the other side of the Dubai Creek. It is actually on the eastside of the main Dubai city. If you are coming from Bur Dubai area, you may cross the creek at three different places. Otherwise, you can use Dubai water taxi to cross the creek. In past, this side was known to be the center of Dubai. However as time passed Bur Dubai area gained more importance and Deira lost its significance. Nowadays, Bur Dubai is the place for most of the commercial and financial activities, although Deira is still famous for its traditional trading system. Being at different Deira souks, you can experience the traditional way of shopping.

At Deira Dubai, you can visit to Deira market area, Deira spice souks or Deira gold souks. At Deira market, you can purchase various types of items. This is the oldest market area in Dubai where many traders are selling mainly household goods.

Once you complete visiting this place, next you should be at the Spice Souks of Deira Dubai. Just by approaching this market, you will be able to smell a mixture of aroma from different spices. This is really a remarkable experience even if you do not purchase, to view the pile of colorful and aromatic spices like yellow saffron, cinnamon, aniseed etc. The intensive aroma might lure you into buying some of them. You can also buy various types of herbs and perfumed healing oils, produced by local traditional healers.

Adjacent to spice souks, you will find the most famous gold souks of Deira Dubai. This is one of the must-visit areas to the tourists, where the finest and extensive collections of gold jewelry are sold. More than hundred gold shops are located by the streets of the Gold souk area. Just for this area, Dubai has been known as 'City of Gold'. The beautiful and intricate design and the genuine quality of the gold will attract your attention. Here you can purchase jewelries made of 22 or 24 carat gold at the lowest price in the world. You can even place your order to customize any piece of jewelry and within 2-3 days your orders will be delivered. However, be prepare to do a lot of bargaining in all the shops to enjoy the most reasonable deal.

Deira will be much easier to visit once the Dubai Metro starts serving the public. Visitors for this area will not have to wait for their turn to get into the taxis. The City Center Station of Deira is located right next to the popular shopping area and Deira City Center shopping mall. It is going to serve the visitors and other commuters coming from the Dubai City Center. The station has quite big parking area. The Deira City Center shopping mall is another modern place to do a variety of shopping. The mall also has a cinema complex, food courts and various recreational activities for adults and kids.

There is another small sized shopping mall close to this area, known as Dubai Shopping Center. Here also you can avail great deals to purchase a variety of items like clothes, lingerie, jewelry, diamond, furniture, etc. So, keep your purse ready when you visit Deira Dubai and enjoy the experience of traditional and contemporary shopping at this popular shopping destination.

When you are in Dubai, you should visit Deira region, to enjoy a lifetime Dubai shopping experience.