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Flight to Dubai

Dubai has long been a gateway to the United Arab Emirates, and businessmen and tourists across the globe would be well advised to know about the many different air transportation groups that operate there.

All of the major airports in the world have planes that make regular trips to Dubai, but flyers who plan on visiting this desert oasis will find that taking one of the established native airlines will often offer them more comfort and advantages than taking ither routes to get there.

Here are a few of the biggest names (and a few smaller but still useful ones) in air transportation in Dubai that you will want to contact the next time you decide to take a trip down to Dubai.

Dubai International Airport - before even considering the airlines to take, we should look at the international airport where most of the air traffic goes through. This is a large complex, with a 5-star hotel and lots of duty free tourist shops that actually offer cheaper prices than most shops outside the airport. The furnishings of the airport are luxurious and attractive, and security is quite strict, ensuring passenger safety. Because of it's large land area, the airport has shuttles and electric walkways to allow people to traverse the length of the airport with minimum effort.

There are also cafes and health clubs in the place. Dubai International Airport's ambiance and service offers most travellers a warm welcome that gives them a taste of what the rest of the country's tourist attractions have to offer.

Emirates Airlines - this is the largest operating airline down in Dubai, and makes regular trips to and from all points of the globe. From consumer reports, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the aircraft are well maintained, comfortable, and reliable. There have been few complaints voiced about this airline. While passage on it tends to be a bit pricey, all who take this airline agree that it's worth the price. Even it's economy class flights have a lot of luxuries to offer, with movies offered in-flight that rarely repeat themselves, and plenty of in-flight food and beverages.

Air Arabia - consumer feedback rates this as one of the most cost efficient airlines to take for flights within the United Arab Emirates. Aside from offering one of the cheapest and most competitive rates, this airline manages to offer good service and reliability. It's flights are mostly within or near the UAE's coverage, like India, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Bahrian, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia and Iran. For those who want to travel around a lot within the UAE without putting a dent in their budget, this airline is the way to go.

The Little Known Ones - certain airlines like Kish Air, Turkmenistan Air, and Mahan, to name a few, usually wind up in Terminal 2 in the Dubai International Airport, as opposed to the major airways that usually go to Terminal 1. The biggest advantage of this terminal is the relatively light volume of people that go through it. A vast majority of the civilian traffic navigates through the first terminal, so any airline that goes through the second will allow it's passengers quick and easy access through the airport. For those flyers who don't like wasting time sitting around a terminal waiting for the usual pre- and post-flight shennanigans, take any of the flights that run through terminal 2.