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Golden Sands Dubai

If you are looking for one of the best Apartment hotels in Dubai then this article is just for you. Golden Sands Dubai is one of the finest examples of hotel apartments in Dubai. Golden Sands were the first to introduce the concept of hotel apartments, through its fully serviced apartments. You may be traveling with your family, friends of relatives or even corporate clients for an important business meeting, this Hotel has everything to make to make you proud of your choice. Your stay at the hotel becomes a truly memorable one and your vacation one of the best experiences of your life.

Where is Golden Sands Dubai?
Tourists flock to Dubai during especially during the shopping seasons or on vacation. Everyone looks for a stay that is close to the shopping centers and other attractions. If you are among those who do not wish to waste too much time in traveling, then this will be your perfect choice. The hotel is situated in the heart of the city. It is just a few minutes away from major shopping hubs, commercial establishments, leisure zones and also the nightlife. You do not have to spend money traveling excessively if you wish to visit museums, the Heritage Villages, Dubai World Trade Exhibition Centre or the bank street. You will find no other hotel apartment in such an extra ordinary location.

A home away from home:
If you are staying at Golden Sands Dubai, you will never feel homesick or a feeling that you are staying away from home. There are one or two bed room apartments, studios, two room studios and even a magnificent apartment range that serves the purpose of both individuals and family guests. The hotel provides you everything that makes you comfortable. All apartments in this hotel are spacious and very tastefully furnished. You have every amenity and facility with world class standard that you desire- ready for you. So no matter whether you are staying long term or for short term basis Golden Sands Dubai can be your perfect accommodation.

Want to stay for a longer duration?
Well! Golden Sands Dubai will take care for your long term stay also with their spacious luxury residences. These are available as studios, with 1-2-3 or 4 bedrooms along with kitchen. All kinds of facilities for long term stay such as oven, cooker, washers, fridge, dishwashers and television sets are available in all apartments. These are truly one of the best rented and furnished places that is available in Dubai. If you prefer unfurnished apartments, you can rent those apartments too. In such apartments the tenants usually pay for the other utilities such as electricity and hygiene bills.

For the Corporate Tourists:
If you thought that the Hotel apartment caters only to families and tourists, you are yet to know something more. These studio apartments are also available for corporate entities for any of their purposes. For its corporate clients the hotel offers fitness facilities, swimming pools, gymnasiums and also recreation zones to make their stay stressful and truly pleasurable.

So, if you are planning for a stay in Dubai, check out the Golden Sands Dubai. Do not forget to make advance bookings (especially if you are visiting during the festive season). This is the indeed the best residential accommodation in Dubai with twenty four hours maintenance service and round the clock security for the guests. Get the best Dubai hotel deals to make some discounts on your booking!