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Sightseeing in Hatta

Are you fed up of the mundane city life and would like to escape from it all, if at least for one day? Are your eyes tired of seeing the tall buildings and skyscrapers of the concrete jungle and would like to give them some rest? There is an excellent way to escape from it all. Take a 4 WD vehicle and escape into the desert – far from everything. Just pick up the phone from the comfort of your room and arrange yourself a sightseeing tour of the Hatta. A guide will accompany you, but you should specify the language you desire – English, French, or German – well in advance.

You will be picked up in an air-conditioned 4x4 vehicle from your hotel in Dubai from where you proceed on your tour. You will be taken deep into the desert where you can explore the hills, mountains, and valleys of the desert, while you also delve into the ancient history of Dubai. While you take a drive through the desert you will see the beauty of the red-rock landscape. You will pass through small villages and farms which present an idyllic setting. If you were to undertake this trip during the rainy season, you will be presented by a beautiful sight of running streams, gushing waterfalls, and pools of water everywhere.

Stop at the ancient heritage village of Hatta – it is about 200 years old. Admire the beauty of the old fortress and the house of the old Sheikh of Hatta. The village which has been very painstakingly preserved gives you a glimpse into Dubai’s historical past. Take a dip in the cool Hatta pools before you sit down to an excellent lunch at the Hatta Fort Hotel.

After your lunch, you will be dropped back at your hotel. To book this great adventure, check the deals at the best things to do in Dubai!