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Hatta Valley & Desert Safari

Have you ever seen and experienced the feral beauty of nature as you roam in the wild and arid desert and the lush greenery of the Hatta Valley? Have you explored the beautiful environment around the old Hatta village with the amazing Hajar Mountains in the background? If your answer is no, then one of the things that you should do when you are in the UAE is to go on a desert safari and also explore the untamed beauty of the Hatta Valley.

Take a 4x4 WD vehicle and set out into the endless dunes of the desert – see and feel the raw beauty of the arid desert. Come and experience the beauty of the golden sunset. Speed up and down the sand dunes on a roller coaster ride and feel the rush of adrenalin to your heart.

Take the Wadi Hatta Desert Tour which allows you to explore the desert and take in the splendor of the valley of Wadi Hatta. The scenic beauty of the Hajar Mountains has to be seen, but cannot be expressed. Take a dive and swim in one of Hattta’s Rock Pools followed by an excellent meal at the Hatta Fort, which is Dubai’s mountain resort.

Try the Dubai Desert Safari Adventure which commences late in the afternoon and you spend the entire afternoon driving up the sand dunes and riding through the desert. As it turns dusk you are taken to a Bedouin camp site where you spend the evening listening to Arabian music and watching traditional belly dancers perform while you enjoy a delicious barbeque dinner. You are then dropped off at your hotel. Some tour packages arrange for you to spend the night at the Bedouin camp for a night under the stars. But do wake up early to catch the glory of the beautiful sunrise.

Do not miss out on this beautiful desert safari. If you are looking for more fun, adventure and leisure, check the best things to do in Dubai also for booking this great desert safari trip.