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Dubai Jewellery

Dubai is widely known as the shopping paradise of middle-east. While your visit to Dubai, you can not control yourself from buying certain fascinating articles. The duty free shops and luxurious malls are always welcoming the guests to purchase something or other. Particularly, you will get stuck by the stunning jewelry collection in the jewelry shops of Dubai. The most intricate and unique designer piece of jewelries are definitely going to attract your attention. Your shopping spree will not be fulfilled without experiencing the Dubai jewellery shopping.

Most of the shops have a wide collection of gold and diamond jewelries. In fact, the city has been declared as the ‘City of Gold’. If you just take a stroll along the streets of the old souks or check the modern jewelry shops, you will find different types of innovative jewelry items made from white gold, gold, silver, platinum, diamond, pearl etc. The attractive designs will steal your mind and you will feel like buying all of them. There are more than 300 shops offering beautiful art piece of jewelry items in the heart of the city. However, for your Dubai jewelry shopping, you must be prepared to do some bargaining on the price of these items. Particularly, the shops at the old souk area are never going to present you the right price.

There are so many jewelry shops scattered all over the city. Here is a list of some important places to enjoy your Dubai jewelry shopping.

Deira Gold Souk
Deira is known for the largest number of gold jewelry shops. In fact, it is the biggest gold jewelry market within the world, for which the city has been known as the 'City of Gold'. You may roam around this place to start with by spending in moderate amount.

Bur Dubai
Bur Dubai is another popular destination for Dubai jewellery shopping. The Al Fahidi Street and Meena Bazaar are home for many branded jewelry shops. More about Bur Dubai.

Karama is basically a residential area of Dubai, even though the place has a mini souk for gold jewelry shopping. Many gold jewelry shops of this place are offering exquisite piece of jewelry items. You can also purchase finest clothing, handbags, electronics and other luxury items from this shopping plaza.

Gold Land, Bur Dubai
Gold Land is a complete jewelry shopping enclave at Bur Dubai area. The continuously increasing rate of gold purchasing has initiated to construct this exclusive shopping arena only for gold jewelry. You will find major gold jewelry shops selling best branded items under one roof.

Shopping Malls
You will find a dedicated area for gold jewelry shops in most of the major shopping malls. All these gold jewelry retailers are quite reliable. You may not require bargaining over the price of the jewelry items at these places. Read more about the best Dubai shopping malls.

Gold and Diamond Park
This place is comparatively new but it has already become much popular among the jewelry buyers of the city. It is located in New Dubai area and the park has a collection of around 40 retail shops and 118 manufacturing unit for gold and diamond jewelry including amazing diamond rings.

You may select any of these areas to enjoy your Dubai jewellery shopping or visit all of them to finally decide the right place to purchase the right item at right price. However, it is advised to spend few days for researching on the price and quality of the jewelry items, before purchasing them.