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With it's already booming economy and a rapid growth rate that has created even higher demands in competence, Dubai offers those people seeking employment overseas one of the best places where they can both hone their professional skills and earn top compensation at the same time. Some of the major types of career opportunities that are currently in demand in Dubai are outlined below. If your personal skills fit any of the bills given, you may want to try working in this desert oasis.

Teachers - there is a rapidly growing demand for competent teachers down in Dubai. One of the most sought after types, as a matter of fact, are instructors in foreign languages. As the country's growth has been giving it a rapidly increasing presence in the global market, the need for instructors in other languages has likewise been booming. On a more conventional level, there is also a need for pre-school and collegiate level instructors. Mid level high school teachers aren't quite as in demand currently, but for those capable of teaching the very young, and those who have advanced teaching skills that can allow them to instruct on a college to masteral level, there are plenty of openings down in Dubai.

Engineers - as a country whose main financial strength comes from it's petroleum industry, engineers are obviously in high demand. Engineers in general are in high demand in DUbai, mainly focusing on electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineers. The other fields of engineering are not quite as sought after yet, as the country's level of growth demands employees capable of helping the nation establish a solid industrial base.

Construction - hand in hand with the need for engineers comes the need for both contractors and workers in the construction field. With new factories being built constantly and housing demands going up to handle the influx of new people into the country, the need for experts in the field of construction are also rising. A small niche market is also available for construction specialists who focus on luxury furnishings, as the elite of Dubai have a fondness for these.

Computer Experts - while the country of Dubai has yet to place any solid research and development into the field of computers, there is nonetheless a high demand for computer experts. Most of the demand focuses on the operation and maintenance of computers in both hardware and software areas. Computer experts who specialize in programming industrial-operations software are especially sought after. Little demand is seen at the moment for computer experts who want to develop new, cutting edge technology.

Medical Practitioners - the entire field of medical practise is quite welcome in Dubai. Demands are placed far and wide for anything from medical doctors to nurses and surgeons. Based on the number of openings, the most in demand jobs seem to be for medical transcriptionists, caregivers, nurses, and physical therapists. There are also openings for doctors studying specialized fields of medicine like cardiologists and neurologists, though these openings are not quite as numerous - which is quite understandable given the strict demands and rarity of experts in these professions.

Marketing Experts - the recent forays of Dubai companies into the international scene have also created a demand for marketing and advertising experts. The job openings stress an emphasis however on savvy in international marketing as opposed to domestic, since most of the demand now is to improve the global presence of Dubai's products.