Dubai - United Arab Emirates - Middle-East

Spoken Languages in Dubai

For a country that has rich culture and preserved traditions, it is without doubt that their native language would be their means of communication. The national language of Dubai is Arabic which speaks about a lot about the country and its natives.

Although Arabic is the national language, English is also wide spoken together with other Asian languages since there are also a lot of expats going in and out of the country such as Chinese, Filipinos, and even European people. Regional languages are also used just like in other countries wherein there are sub-languages. 

Though a lot of languages are spoken in Dubai, it has never been an issue since most if not all schools in Dubai teaches English and Arabic at the same time. It only shows that Dubai, though is still considered a traditionally and culturally rich country, is still open for changes and in further improvement to its locals and lands. It has accepted the thought that changes would mean technological advancement and fast-paced life. The method used by schools is this. The teachers use English as the medium of instruction thus breaking the barrier of language in Dubai. There are also a few schools in Dubai that teaches foreign languages such as French and Russian. 

The internationally arranged culture and the awareness of the importance of tourism industry in a country are the top two most important reasons why an existence of such a wide range of languages in Dubai. It has flourished in the field of tourism industry since they have passed the multilingual knowledge requirement most countries do not have.