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Powerboat in Dubai

Water sports are enthusiastically encouraged in United Arab Emirates, as this reflects part of their culture, history and location. Marine sports are thriving in this region and some of these are heavily supported by business and commercial companies. In Dubai especially, a region that sits next to a big body of water (the Arabian Sea), water sports activities are very popular and well-supported by the locals. In 2005, Dubai opened their doors to the world to welcome its very first racing facility, the Dubai Autodrome, where many sporting events catering to an international market are held and sponsored.

The Team
Powerboat racing, in particular, is one marine sport with a very strong following in this region. And they proudly hold their national team, Victory, to high esteem. The team has already won several powerboat racing competitions, like the F1 competition and the UIM Class 1 Championship. Their wins are recognized both within the region and abroad and have put Dubai on the world map. Victory Team currently holds an impressive six Class 1 championship and four Class 2 Championships. These achievements are quite a remarkable feat, particularly for a team which was only formed in the early 90ís and was then considered an underdog of this particular sport.

The Events
Powerboat racing is considered a sport of the elite. It is an exciting and action-packed event combined with the glitz, allure and glamour of an international sporting event. Each year, around the month November, Dubai stages a world competition called the UIM (Union International Motonautique) Class 1 Championship, where it manages to gather over 300,000 spectators. The race is also televised to millions of homes also viewed across neighbouring countries in Europe and Asia.

The UIM competition is a very dangerous sport where both driver and throttle-person are strapped like pilots of a jet fighter, onto a boat that is meant to race with perilous speed. The boat weighs about five tons and is at least fourteen meters long. It is also powered by engines that go 160mph, often in volatile conditions.

Another powerboat racing competition culminates at the Dubai International Marine Club every December. This time, racers compete for the Dubai Grand Prix, considered a local but very prestigious event.

In support of these powerboat races that happen around the end of the year, Dubai's International Marine Club also stages an annual social event where live entertainment and good food is combined with the excitement and glamour of powerboat racing. The event is held for two days prior to the race and many of the country's rich and famous are invited to grace it.