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When you talk to potential real estate buyers in Dubai, they would probably tell you that the reason why they want to purchase a property investment in the emirate is because they were captivated by the scenic views of Dubai. But there’s more to Dubai than the water delights, ancient mosques, abundant wildlife, amazing resorts, traditional houses and incredible buildings.

For the year 2005 till 2006, the prices of properties in Dubai has increased for about 20 percent of its worth when it was still 2004. They were expecting that the market will still increase by 15 percent before the year 2007 ends. There’s no doubt why Dubai has been chosen by many property investors to be their ideal country to purchase such costly investments.

There are a lot of reasons why an investor should choose Dubai. This emirate is currently one of the few places with a fast rising economy. Sooner or later it can be compared to the likes of Japan or United States of America. But unlike the latter, Dubai is not involved in any kind of country conflict whatsoever. Tourists, as well as locals, are fascinated by the harmonious population in Dubai, where crime barely exists.

Dubai is where your property should be invested because of the competitive prices it offers. Although it was stated earlier that the prices are increasing every year, property prices in Dubai are still lower compared to the other metropolis worldwide like Hong Kong. Each property is priced accordingly to draw more investments from investors world wide. Aside from the competitive prices, Dubai real estate properties are also tax free. There are no Value Added Tax, capital gains tax and even stamp duty. This would result to genuine returns from the property investments.

There is also a great demand for property among locals and foreign workers based in Dubai. The more people needing for habitat, the more real estate property must be developed. In spite of the heavy rush of foreign investments and new real estate developments, there is still scarcity in rental properties in Dubai. In fact, because of the great demand and not enough supply, the rental prices increased as much as 50 percent in the year 2005.

Now that there are developing properties everywhere, many are now beginning to think that there will be an over supply sooner or later. But according to the DCCI or the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it will only be enough for the increasing Dubai population especially by year 2010. They also expect that the current population will triple its figure by 2010. Seventy-five percent of the expected population will come from the group of expatriates. There will be at least 43,000 units added every year until 2010 as a part of their expansion program. Moreover, Dubai is planning to boost its tourism industry. Foreign workers will also start to flood the emirate since the Dubai Healthcare City will need 20,000 employees while the Dubailand will be taking 300,000 more staff in their company.

Aside from all these stated facts, Dubai is an ideal place for property investment since most of the leading hotels worldwide are located in this emirate. Only Dubai has the seven-starred hotel – the Burj Al Arab. In case you might want to settle at Dubai for good along with your family, they also have excellent schools and even an international school. Not to mention that the health care in Dubai is also fantastic. Moreover, most the workforce in Dubai is globally competitive. They are multilingual and well-educated. Dubai is the perfect place not only for property investment but for migration as well. Read more info and links about Dubai real estate.