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Dubai Property Buying

Buying a real estate property in Dubai is one of the greatest forms of investments. Itís always a win-win situation for those who would want to invest in this country. This is because Dubai is not only a great tourist destination but a place where the economic growth is very much alive. Many people, from all types of business industries consider buying houses, condominiums, hectares of land and other real estate properties to add up to their list of growing investments.

Decades ago, although foreign investors have been constant companions to the expansion of several firms in Dubai, they donít hold a legal right to own a real estate property in the said country. But currently, thanks to the new property law in Dubai, they are now allowed to buy Dubai properties as a form of investment. Since then, the real estate business in Dubai has been rapidly increasing. Because the renting charge in Dubai is usually high, not only foreign property investors were attracted to purchase real estate merchandise but Dubai locals as well. Dubai properties actually have a lower rate compared to the rate of houses for rent. There have been property explosions in this country. The booming real estate industry has resulted into various developments with luxury and diversity beyond compare.

After Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoom, the crowned prince of Dubai in 2002, issued this new property law, the prices of real estate properties are still expected to increase despite of the sudden investment explosion. Dubai is now one of the countries with fast rising population (it already reached one million in 2006 and expected to hit 3.2 million by 2030). Because of this data, the demand for rental properties are now surging high. This resulted to the increase of rent charges and scarcity of rental properties as well. Moreover, it also led to the high demand for real estate properties. Since then, more and more real estate developments were made to suffice the need of the people for shelter and habitat.

Dubai is known for its safe real estate trading industry. This is why there are a lot of people who wishes to be a part of this booming market. However, they donít have enough opportunity and of course, money to invest in real estate properties. They are waiting patiently for the market to cool down. Unfortunately, experts conclude that with all the evidences of the escalating industry, thereís no harm saying that itís just actually starting to take its toll.

The demand for the supply of real estate property is getting higher and higher every year. On the other hand, developers canít cope up that easily to the increasing necessity. They canít have an immediate plan to develop, build, or release a property in an instant. Since people do not have any choice, businessmen would take advantage of the situation and the price is getting higher and higher every time.

Since both locals and foreigners are interested in the real estate market of Dubai, the country decided to establish its industry into something that can tolerate the unpredictable luck of the market. They want to encourage investors into a long-term sturdy investment.

If you are buying a real estate property in Dubai, notice that most of these are offered as freehold purchases. There are a few leasehold properties though. But leasehold properties usually take shape as an apartment or a condominium. Typically, you must cash-out a reservation to let the seller know that you are interested in the real estate property. Make sure that your decision is final because once you gave the reservation fee and you wish to cancel the deal, you may not refund the money no matter how small or how big is the amount that you gave to the real estate seller. More info and resources about Dubai real estate.