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Dubai Real Estate Investment

Dubai is known as the second largest territory in United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is sand-filled and sun-kissed filled with a lot of panoramic spots as well as towering mosques with unique facades. No wonder many of those who visit Dubai is captivated with its allure. There are a lot of wish to come back and have a Dubai-holiday once more. But there are those who wish to permanently reside at the sparkling-shored country. Because of this situation on this particular country of UAE, many investors are now starting to rush to Dubai and buy some real estate property to be their investment.

The real estate market in Dubai is definitely gaining more and more appeal to the local and international investors. This is despite of the fact that the real estate market in Dubai is very expensive. Those who joined the industry think that the relatively high prices of these investments would soon pay off in the soonest possible time. Especially nowadays that there are plain desserts are now being developed as soaring buildings, luxury resorts and more. There are so many ongoing infrastructure projects. Thereís no doubt that the hot market of real estate in Dubai will be get hotter as time goes by.

Compared to the other real estate investment spots in UAE or in other parts of the world such as Hong Kong or United Kingdom, Dubaiís selling price is actually two times higher. Still, Dubai is the favorite spot for those who want a strong investment. This is because mortgages are now available in Dubai and one may have an approved finance immediately if you inquire and apply at the Barclays Bank. Nowadays, there are several eminent real estate investors who desire to relocate their properties in Dubai. The real estate industry is one of the promising businesses in the emirate. Another reason why real estate is such a booming industry in Dubai, is not just because of foreign investors but because of expatriates as well. Immigrants from different parts of the world are now flocking in Dubai which results to a great demand for Dubai properties.

Dubai is now developing their so-called Arabian Canal. This will be the longest canal made by man extending at 75 kilometers long. The said project will give way to several unbelievable construction feats and will give a higher standard to Dubai property. Because of this announcement that caught the headline of most October 2007 issues of real estate magazines, Dubai is now catching more and more attention all over the globe once again. And if you think Dubai is stopping there, better think again. Thereís more news that caught the front pages that would definitely give boost to the tourism industry as well as the real estate investment industry.

The Dubai Cricket Council (DCC) along with the International Cricket Council (ICC) is now collaborating to develop a world-class cricket stadium in the middle of the sand dunes of Dubai. The site is now has an on-going construction and they were hoping that it would end by the mid-year of 2008. This is where they plan to held Class A tournaments and international cricket tournaments as well. The spokesperson of ICC said that thereís more to Dubai than tourist destinations and developing real estate properties. Another great reason for erecting an international cricket stadium in Dubai is because of its centralized location.

With the spotlight focused on Dubai as of the moment, the real estate investment and property will absolutely get stronger. It will surely become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Dubai is the ideal place for travellers, expatriates and of course, property investors. More info and links about Dubai real estate.