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Manhattan is one of the most popular areas of New York. It is also a place in the city of Liberty with varied types of apartment. It has apartment types for those in tight budget and apartment types for those who can spend more money. But the most popular apartment styles in Manhattan are the elegantly built properties. Thanks to Al Fara'a Properties, Dubai may now once again experience a taste of Manhattan way of living. This investment project launched by Al Fara'a Properties last October of 2007.

Before Al Fara'a Properties decided to build their own Manhattan apartment, there is already a real estate property in Dubai which has the same vision – to create a mini-Manhattan in this emirate. Business Bay is located in the heart of Dubai. It is also few miles away from the Dubai International Center. Because of the development of their new property called Executive Towers, it is now being dubbed as the Manhattan of Dubai. Because of the huge success of Executive Towers, it already has five luxurious towers starting from Tower A to Tower E. Each tower is made up of several hotel residence style units inspired by the units in Manhattan. If you are a potential buyer, you can get a tour around this huge real estate property. You may get a preview property and may purchase off plan. One may choose between the varieties of penthouses, loft apartments, garden apartments and units with one, two or three bedrooms in it. The so-called Manhattan of Dubai or the Executive Towers is currently towering over the cityscape of the Emirate. It caters not only a luxurious way of living but stunning city views as well. There is also a calming and captivating waterfront view of the infamous Dubai Creek. This is definitely a great property investment especially if you want to stay at Dubai for good.

Now, Al Fara'a Properties, a subsidiary of a company called Al Fara'a Construction Group, visions the same thing. They would be developing their Manhattan real estate project in Jumeirah Village. This latest investment venture of Al Fara’a Properties happens to be correlated with their participation at the Cityscape Dubai 2007. The Cityscape Dubai was held last October 16 to 18 of 2007. This is actually the biggest real estate event that talks about the investments and upcoming real estate projects in the region. But unlike the Executive Towers, Al Fara’a Properties got their inspiration from Manhattan urban residence in New York during 1930’s. The "The Manhattan" investment project of Al Fara’a Properties will be having at least 355 elegantly built units. The apartment units will be comprised of triple bedroom apartments, single bedroom apartments, double bedroom apartments and studio types. The units are very spacious and it is designed to have walk-in closets, master bedrooms, comfortable interiors, great bathrooms and unique accent lighting. This would draw more attention to property investors since the real estate project is situated in Jumeirah Village which is an area of Dubai known for its stunning landscapes. There would also be other amenities like the ones available in exclusive hotels and resorts such as playground for the children, a gym for your entire fitness workout, a swimming pool with sauna and of course, a steam facility.

The Manhattan is now an ongoing real estate project. Al Fara’a Properties said that they are very much committed to this new venture. They were hoping that by the end of 2009, The Manhattan is completely built. This is another great Dubai investment that will surely attract not only the rich locals investors but foreign investors as well.
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