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Wild Wadi Dubai

One of the things that you must do while in Dubai is to visit Dubai’s Wild Wadi water park. It is indeed a great place to enjoy a host of fun-filled activities. It is definitely the place for total enjoyment for both the young and the old – for the water lovers as well as for the pleasure and leisure lovers.

If you are an adventure seeker, and if you would like to feel the rush of adrenalin to your heart, Dubai’s Wild Wadi Park is just the thing for you. Try the 80 km/hr downhill hurtle or feel the 1.5 metre high waves lashing you at Breakers Bay, or try any of the 14 awesome rides.

Feel the huge splash on the ‘Summit Surge and Rushdown Ravine’ – a family ride that is incredibly and awesomely different. This ride rushes you uphill into a pool area and then takes you on a 170 metre downhill ride. And when you have had enough of this, you can just relax by floating down the river on a tube, and let your heartbeat come down to normal.

The Wild Wadi Water Park is just a 20 minute drive from the city centre. This park is located on an area of 12 acres and has 23 tremendous rides which leave you breathless. The park is designed to look like an Arabian Oasis (wadi), and hence the name. One of the prime attractions of the park is a choreographed sound, light, and water show – do not miss it.

Once you enter the premises of the water park you are given access to all the rides, rubber rings, life jackets, and body boards. The park has 90 lifeguards on duty to take care of you and your safety.

So, go ahead and enjoy yourself to the fullest at Dubai’s Wild Wadi Park. More information and booking a ticket to Wild Wadi Dubai, check the website of the best things to do in Dubai!